About Us

KMT Solar & Roof has been going on its way as an unrivaled company in its sector with a corporate retailer, project and roof master infrastructure in many cities of Turkey since 1959, when the foundations were laid. The company roots are in every detail of the roofs that has been build and with the pride of thousands of roofs that it has helped transform to date, its name is mentioned side by side with quality and trust in its sector. For more than 60 years, we have been producing multi-disciplinary system solutions for a better roong experience, and we have been working for trouble-free roofs by developing all kinds of solutions.

We select our products in an environmentally friendly manner and carry out development activities accordingly. We continue R&D activities on solutions that meet the needs of comfort, simplication and energy eciency. We do this so that wa can continue to build with a good conscience for not only today but also tomorrow. We believe in a green future and are always investing more in sustainable roong technologies. Let’s work together for green roofs that produce energy

We Will Keep Working For Perfect Roofs