Is Solar Energy Expensive?

Solar energy draws attention all over the world with its costs and being a renewable energy. Individuals or businesses that can obtain energy for a long time without any energy costs with one-time installations prefer solar energy because of these advantages.

How Are Solar Energy Costs Determined?

The costs for the solar energy system to be included in a large-scale project can be easily calculated. In order to make the current calculations, it is necessary to consider all the equipment and apparatus that will be required in the installation. The details calculated in the cost for solar energy systems are as follows;

solar energy panel

DC and AC cables

The carrier system to be installed in the area where the system will be installed

AC Panel


Labor and shipping

The larger the existing solar energy system, the more equipment, such as labor, transportation, solar panels and other cables to be used. Therefore, the larger the project, the greater the cost. Moreover, solar energy costs are not limited to existing items. In areas where the solar energy system will be used, if the ground or roof system is not suitable, more reinforcement will be required and the costs may increase even more. In addition, if the system to be installed will be used independently from the mains, the battery and charge regulator must be added in addition to the costs.

For this reason, it is necessary to make a multi-faceted examination in solar energy system installations. Although the costs to be incurred are seen as heavy with the initial stage, the efficiency and economic solution to be obtained with solar energy systems ensures that all these costs are removed in a short time. It is very important that all processes are carried out meticulously and the calculations are made correctly in order to avoid any problems at the stage of achieving this balance.

In the latest reports published by the sector, it is stated that the unit cost of the panels called solar panels has decreased from 0.5 USD/Watt to 0.3USD/Watt. It is possible to say that the costs have become much more economical as the use of technology becomes more widespread. Calculation of solar energy costs is generally done under 2 groups. The main objective in making such a distinction is to separate the energy systems to be used in homes and the energy systems to be used for businesses, and to enable people to make calculations more easily. Generally, systems up to 10 kW are installed in houses. In commercial areas, an installation much higher than this level is required.

How Much Does 10 kW Solar Energy Cost?

The cost of solar energy with standard features to be used in homes can be up to 10 kW. When the upper limit is reached, the system covers an area of ​​approximately 70 square meters. Installation costs in such a system are usually between 1000 and 1500 dollars. The lower the numbers, the lower the fee will be. However, it is recommended that all electricity consumption in the house be taken into account, especially in the installations to be made in the houses, and that the system properties should be configured accordingly.

How Much Solar Energy Costs Above 10 kW?

Solar energy to be used in businesses, especially hotels, farms, cold storages, factories and workplaces, creates a requirement of 10 kW and above. For this reason, the initial costs are much higher than the systems used in homes. However, considering the electricity bills in such enterprises, it is clearly seen that a very high energy consumption is made. For this reason, the establishment of a reliable and performance system ensures that all these electricity costs are completely eliminated. Thus, an environmentally friendly solution can be obtained, as well as economic profitability.

For businesses, calculations are usually made over 1 MW. The cost of a solar energy system that will serve at these values ​​varies between approximately 500 thousand and 550 thousand dollars. The installation of such a panel provides an average of 1400,000 kWh of electrical energy throughout the year. In this respect, it is possible to see how appropriate the costs in solar energy systems are by comparing the calculations to be made on the current electricity charges and the 1-year electricity bill of the enterprises and the amount they will spend on solar energy use for 1 year.

In solar energy systems, especially in large-scale projects, it is seen that the system pays for itself within a period of 4 or 5 years. For businesses, a period of 4 or 5 years is a short-term investment, and the long-term benefits of the system are much higher. Moreover, the generation of electricity from solar energy, which is now very common in Turkey, also enables the sale of electricity to the grid. If there is a suitable environment with a panel they will establish, businesses can generate an extra income by giving the excess electricity over the network.