The Importance Of Shading Analysis In Roof Solar Projects

In Roof SPP projects, the shadow is the factor that reduces the system efficiency considerably. Considering the shading elements such as chimneys, lanterns, level differences, air conditioning units and parapet in the roof SPP design, the areas that these objects will shade according to their height information should be determined. 

There are different methods for performing shading analysis. Some of these are added to AutoCAD design software and work as extensions. In such applications, the width, height, height and slope information of the roof where the solar power plant will be installed, and the width, height and height information of the factors that will shadow such as parapet and chimney, if any, should be entered. Structures such as nearby buildings, trees, mountains and hills can also be simulated in these apps. The areas to be settled on the roof where the SPP will be installed are defined, and the boundaries for the necessary spaces are determined. It is determined whether the panel will be placed zero or angled on the roof by designing them in 2 dimensions and then choosing the solar panel to be used by switching to 3 dimensions. Solar panels are placed on the roof automatically or manually.

How to Perform Solar Shading Analysis?

When we move to the analysis part, the location information is entered via PVGIS and the weather and solar radiation data of the location of the roof are obtained. By loading these data into the program, the area for analysis is determined and the radiation values ​​on the panels are seen as a percentage. This percentage value decreases in solar panels that accept the maximum radiation that may occur for that region as 100% and remain in the shade on the roof where the SPP will be installed. The program determines this as a daily and annual average. Therefore, since the shade will change during the day in the east and west according to the movement of the sun, the percentage values ​​of the panels around the shading element are not reset. The program also displays it as a color scale