What Is Solar Energy?

Renewable energy that comes out as a result of activating and generating electric current is called solar energy.

Solar energy is the renewable energy that comes out as a result of photons brought by the rays from the sun, activating the electrons in the semiconductor materials of solar cells or arrays and creating an electric current. Turkey is located in a very high zone of radiation. 
Annual radiation amount is 1600 – 1700kWh/m2 – year. Detail

Since energy is produced with conventional fossil fuel, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. And this creates a greenhouse effect, leading to global warming. Solar energy is one of the best known methods to prevent global warming. Because Solar energy is environmentally friendly energy.

“Unlimited and clean energy source”

  • It is suitable energy production to eliminate foreign dependency in energy.
  • It is a cheap source of production cost. – Suitable for self-consumption use.
  • It is suitable for monthly clearing use.

“We are here for you to use this unlimited resource at the highest level” Fixed or mobile systems on boats, drip irrigation systems, base stations, high altitude settlements, etc. It is ready for installation services in all solar energy-based production facilities or Unlicensed or Licensed Solar Power Plant (GES) within the scope of Lüy.