What Is The Life Expectancy Of Solar Panels?


When you think about investing in a solar installation, it’s a question that inevitably comes to mind to wonder how long solar panels will last. 

When you think about investing in a solar installation, it’s a question that inevitably comes to mind to wonder how long solar panels will last. Solar panels prove that they can last between 25 and 30 years, sometimes even more, in any place, if they are maintained and repaired. This does not mean that the panels on your roof will stop producing electricity after all these years. It only means that after this period, the energy production amount of the panels will decrease.

What is the Annual Degradation Rate of Solar Panel Power?

The rate of deterioration in the power of the solar energy system varies depending on the brand used, as well as the climate of the place where they are installed. But recent data show that modern solar systems exceed all expectations. According to analysis by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, some advanced panel manufacturers recommend degradation rates as low as 0.3% per year, while other brands offer higher degradation rates of up to 0.8% per year, averaging just 0.5% per year. corresponds to a degradation rate of . So even if you buy a standard solar panel with a 25-year warranty at 0.5% annual degradation, your solar panels should continue to produce electricity at around 88% of their original capacity after the warranty period expires.

Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Modern solar panels are incredibly reliable, yet they need proper maintenance and cleaning for 20 to 30 years after installation to get the most solar power possible from solar panels and to keep them in the healthiest condition. Therefore, solar panels can last for decades if your solar panels do not suffer any physical damage caused by strong winds, debris, or other factors. Entegro offers a comprehensive solar panel service guarantee that will keep your system in peak condition for years to come.

3 Tips to Make Solar Panels Last Longer

Just like your car is exposed to bad weather outside, solar panels are affected by these conditions, and solar panels left without maintenance are almost certain to fall victim to failures caused by them. Three tips that can extend the life of your solar energy system;

1. Work with a Trusted Solar System Supplier

The most basic way to ensure the long-term operation of your solar panels is to partner with a reputable solar panel installer who provides quality customer service. As Entegro, Turkey’s leading company in its dedicated sector, providing solar energy project design, installation and maintenance services, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people get rid of their electricity bills and take them under control, as well as accompany them at every stage of the process.

2. Keep Your Panels Away From Residues and Other Harmful Materials

When your solar panels are cleared of leaves, dirt, pollen, dust, bird droppings and fallen branches, they produce the greatest amount of solar energy possible. If your panels are blocked or damaged by any of these residues, you should contact an authorized solar energy provider in the field for action to be taken.

3. Make Sure Your Panels Are Regularly Monitored and Maintained A healthy solar panel system is a system with a high return on investment. Performing routine maintenance checks will help keep your solar system’s panel performance, meters and other parts running at maximum efficiency